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Our Services

Hands On Corporate and Events Massage began in 2013, as a local Canberra business, providing qualified, reliable, professional massage therapists for seated and sports massage at events and in the workplace. Soon after, in 2016, the business expanded into a clinic space, THE CLINIC in Dickson.  We have since moved to a new space in Ainslie. There we provide on-site full body remedial treatments with many different modalities of massage available.

Hands On Corporate and Events Massage operates on the principle of prioritising, and maximising, performance. How we feel has a huge impact on how much we can give, and as a result, how well we perform. And we all know that massage makes us feel great! Call or email us to book a treatment, or a visit to your workplace.

Corporate/ Workplace Massage

Corporate/workplace massage is on-site seated massage in a workplace setting.

Events Massage

Massage is fantastic for many types of events, such as trade shows and conferences.  It can be provided seated or on a table, depending on the requirements of your clients.


Hourly massage provided on our clinic premises in 5/7 Edgar Street, Ainslie.  By appointment only.

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