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Events Massage

Hands On Corporate and Events Massage specialise in providing on-site massage at events & in the workplace.  


Massage is fantastic for many types of events, such as trade shows and conferences.  It can be provided seated or on a table, depending on the requirements of your clients.

Benefits of providing massage at an event are:

  • Greater attention!  Generate a buzz and excitement, as well as attracting potential business,

  • Encourage interest and interaction,

  • Create a more memorable, enjoyable experience,

  • Break up the day and reinvigorate attendees.  Massage can improve cognitive function and attention,

  • Creating rapport with attendees; make them feel comfortable, special and important,

  • Touch can make people less stressed, and thus more receptive to ideas, &

  • Relieve sore muscles, improve and extend performance at sporting events


Hands On Corporate and Events Massage:

  • Supply highly qualified staff, all registered with massage associations and have their own public liability insurance,

  • Can identify and provide effective treatment to most musculoskeletal conditions,

  • Can provide general advice on homecare exercises and a referral network of other healthcare providers ,

  • Can provide general advice on posture, ergonomics and musculoskeletal health, &

  • Consistently delivers exceptional customer service and focus on the needs of the individual. 


Massage in an events setting can be 5-30 mins (depending on the client’s requirements).  The seated version concentrates on the neck, back and shoulders.  It can be on a regular chair or we can bring along or ergonomic massage chairs.  The style of massage applied is relaxing, yet stimulating.  This allows recipients to arise invigorated, comfortable and calm.



nvoiced to the business

  • $80 per hour, minimum 3 hour booking



Option 1: Roaming system
We walk around the event, with a minimum of disruption, and offer attendees massages in their seat.

Option 2: Massage chair in room
A specialised massage chair is set up in an area where attendees can visit for their individual massages.

Both options can be implemented under a booking system.  This is where a spreadsheet is set up (we can provide you with templates) in which people can fill out the timeslots they would like. This keeps everything well organised.  It is a good plan for those with tight time restrictions, meetings throughout the day and making sure no one misses out!


We look forward to arranging visits to your upcoming events soon!

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